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Had asked this on FB but was a little unsure about the answer I got. When doing something with pieces taped off, in my case some glasses, when it comes time to clear coat them, what's the best procedure to getting a smooth "lip" or edge where the tape was? For instance, the wine glasses are taped around the top lip and also around the stem part. Would I just lay the clear then remove the tape and that's it? Or is there a way to limit or reduce the amount of lip the clear will leave around the tape?
On FB I was told to use a razor once the clear is dry and smooth the lip out but that just seems like it would leave a not so nice finish after.

Thanks in advance folks!


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    @IceMaster I will normally clear remove the tape wetsand it smooth then clear again. I don't know if that would work with the wine glasses tho
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    You do what's called "wet pull". Removing the tape while the paint is still liquid... Basically as soon as you are done spraying. Leaves a softER edge. Scraping with a blade is a horrible idea. You leave a jagged edge at best, and chip out your clear requiring a strip and do-over at worst. If you lay another coat over it after the first layer dries you may be able to wet sand a bit, but then you have to clear it again
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    @DeviousDips - that was my initial thought but in order for the clear to stick to the parts of the glass that were taped, I'd have to scuff that up which the person doesn't want

    @WileECoyote - okay thanks. That's kind of the thought process I was thinking and really couldn't understand what the person was telling me about the razor. Just kept picturing this ugly line after working on it with the razor
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    I take a very small pice of 600 grit sandpaper and go lightly around the edge and it smooths out very nicely. I'm talking about barely hitting it though and just taking the lip off of the edge of the clear.
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    We will do the soft pull like @WileECoyote says - you pull it AWAY from the clearcoat. Not across the clear coat! The next trick is to gently go around the edge with a Q-tip, that is damp with acetone. Gently soften the edge by melting the clearcoat. It takes a bit of practice, but will leave a smooth edge.
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    @onehitwonder - thanks, think I'll give that a try!!
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    Make sure you do everything within 3 hours of our clear being sprayed - speed clear won't react like that, as it becomes brittle too quickly
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