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A list of Hydrographics Companies



  • JeremyJeremy Posts: 1,089Member ✭✭✭
    Company Name - Auckland Hydrographics
    Owner Name - Jeremy Croft
    Phone Number - 0064 2102958432
    Email - aucklandhydro@gmail.com
    Address - 2189 South Head Rd, Helensville 0874, Auckland, New Zealand
    Website - www.aucklandhydrographics.co.nz
    Social Media info - @akldhydro = Facebook
    Specialty - automotive, firearms & anything else
    Services Offered - painting, sand blasting and soon to be spray chrome

    In Business Since - 2014
    Activators used - Locally made in N.Z cos I can't import the good juice you guys use
    Paints Used - 1K Metalux
    Films Purchased from - Liquid Image, TWN, Kansas, Studebaker
  • lmstileslmstiles Posts: 19Member
    Company Name - Central Kansas Hydro Dip
    Owner Name - Laura Stiles and Adam Stein
    Phone Number - 620-603-8738 or 620-868-4243
    Email - ckshydrodip@gmail.com
    Address - 20 SE 20 RD, Great Bend, Ks 67530
    Website - www.ckshydrodip.com
    Social Media info - facebook
    Specialty - Custom graphics on anything from motorcycle tanks to shoes.
    Services Offered - Hydro dipping, sand blasting, painting, custom 
    In Business Since - January 2017
    Type of Tank 
    - Custom built fiberglass tank
    Activators used 
    - Hydrogator, K2 Brew
    Paints used 
    - OHW, Liquid Print, Northstar
    Films purchased from 
    - Kansas Hydrographics, Shawn Naughty, Alibaba, Liquid Print

  • DavidPDavidP Posts: 286Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭
    edited July 2017
    Company Name Pughs Hydrographics
    Owner Name David Pugh
    Phone Number 703-906-1222
    Email pughsgraphics@gmail.com
    Address 11736 Skylark Dr Nokesville Virginia 20181
    Website pughs hydrographics.com/ Camowrapz.com
    Social Media Info pughs hydrodraphics/ camowrapz.com
    Specialty Automotive, Fire arms and anything else that can get wet
    Services Offered Hydrodipping,Gun Kote

    Then we may need to give an order to who may most likely still be in business in a year...
    So lets get some real info about you.
    In Business Since August 2014
    Type of Tank P.A. Hydrographics
    Activators used Hydrovator,K2 Brew, K2 super brew
    Paints used OHW,Aqualac,Nano Chem, Automotive
    Films purchased from Big Brain, Kanas Hydrographics. PA Hydrographics, Atlantic hydro pardue
    Custom films purchased from fractal camo
    Anything else that you feel sets you apart...

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  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 12,946Administrator El Jefe
    Nefarious purposes...he he he...love it...
  • LiquidDreamsLiquidDreams Posts: 250Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    Company name: Liquid Dreams Hydrographics ™
    Owners name: Richard Lukofnak
    Phone number: (951) 249-3763
    Email: info@LDHydro.com
    Address: 31442 Janelle Lane, Winchester, CA 92596
    Website: LDHydro.com (under reconstruction)
    Social media info: Facebook.com/LiquidDreamsHydrographics Instagram:@LDHydro
    Specialty: Firearms, Firearms accessories, Paintball guns, Small run custom car parts, other items when requested
    Services: Hydro dipping, Cerakote, KG Gunkote, Deep Laser Engraving, Stippling

    Years in business: 5
    Type of tank: Chinese Built 2m X 1m X 1m
    Activators used: K2 Superbrew, K2 Brew, Hydrovator
    Paints used: LowCountry HydroPaint, PPG
    Films purchased from: Kansas Hydrographics, TWN, Liquid Print, PA Hydrographics, Liquid Concepts, Big Brain, LowCountry HydroPaint
    Custom films purchased: Fractal Camo
  • smedlinsmedlin Posts: 1,614Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭✭
    edited January 9

    So, I was contacted by a client over the weekend.

    We meet up today to talk in person. He came over to see my shop (which is in my garage).

    He's starting up a company and wants his product dipped. With various options.

    We agreed on a few demo pieces for a set price. And if things kick off, we will renegotiate prices.

    He found me THRU this forum. More specifically this business list page. He wanted somebody local to him.

    And this page is actually difficult to find. Maybe @K2Concepts could sticky it or make it really easy for people to stumble across.

    And for you newer people, you should add your info here.

    Even if it does not turn into a production gig, I still have got a few parts to dip due to this page.

    (hopefully it does expand though!)
  • WileECoyoteWileECoyote Posts: 6,022Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    If I can help just a LITTLE, one time... That may be all I have to do that day. Glad you made a connection @smedlin
  • SmittySmitty Posts: 731Member ✭✭✭✭
    Company name: Smitty's Outdoors Supply and Hydrographics ™
    Owners name: Steve Smith
    Phone number: (316)-992-1662
    Email: smittyshydro@gmail.com
    Address: 720 Harvard Ave, El Dorado, KS. 67042
    Website: smittyshydro.com (under reconstruction)
    Social media info:
    Specialty: Firearms, Archery, Automotive and ATV, Marine, and Custom Decorative Refinishing
    Services: Hydro dipping, Cerakote, Gunsmithing, Archery services, FFL (01/07) services
    Years in business: 9
    Type of tank: OHG Custom
    Activators used: Hydrovator
    Paints used: US Paints, PPG, PCL, Wicked Colors, House of Kolor
    Films purchased from: Kansas Hydrographics, TWN, Liquid Print, Liquid Concepts, China Direct,
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 12,946Administrator El Jefe
    smedlin said:

    And this page is actually difficult to find. Maybe @K2Concepts could sticky it or make it really easy for people to stumble across.

    @smedlin I made the page a sticky in the business section but yes I will sticky it in all categories now...
  • FallLineFallLine Posts: 196Member ✭✭✭
    Company Name- Fall-Line Hydrographics
    Owner Name- Shannon Guenther
    Phone Number- (706)442-4500
    Email- falllinehydro@gmail.com
    Address- Cataula GA
    Website- NA
    Social Media Info- https://www.facebook.com/falllinehydro https://www.instagram.com/falllinehydro/
    Specialty- Automotive
    Services Offered- Dipping

    In Business Since- May, 2013
    Type of Tank- 4ft SS tank,6ft SS tank
    Activators used- Ink drink,Dip Juice, Hydro
    Paints used- OHW,AquaLac,sherwin-williams,HOK
    Films purchased from- Atlantic Hydro,BBG,Kansas,Liquid Concepts
    Custom films purchased from- BBG,Hydro Digital Films,
  • PagesHydroDippingPagesHydroDipping Posts: 393Member ✭✭✭
    Company Name (Page's hydro dipping and coatings)
    Owner Name (Joshua &Stephen Page)
    Phone Number (910-658-7874 or 910-322-2077)
    Email (Pageshydrodipping@gmail.com)
    Address (7455 lane rd linden, nc 28356)
    Website (pageshydrodippingandcoatings.com )
    Social Media Info( https://www.facebook.com/Pages.Hydro.Dipping.and.Coating/ )
    Specialty (Guns, auto, motorcycle anything really )
    Services Offered (hydro dipping and cerakote .)

    Then we may need to give an order to who may most likely still be in business in a year...
    So lets get some real info about you.
    In Business Since: 2016- 2yr
    Type of Tank: custom, 5 foot
    Activators used: SUPER BREW
    Paints used: One Hit Wonder
    Films purchased from: Big brain, Kansas hydro, Twn
    Custom films purchased from: HD film and other k2 member printers
  • RBurressRBurress Posts: 1,553Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    Let's see if we can get a list of companies going, for people looking for someone near them to get work done. I want you to answer as many of these questions as you can. This includes any dippers in other countries (Because WHY NOT?) You don't need to be a contributing member of this forum to be on the list (you can just PM me the info) Even if you just KNOW of someone who SHOULD be on the list, let us know and we can try to contact them. This info is ONLY to send business your way, NOTHING else (I wouldn't even know HOW to use this info to send you spam) Company Name (obviously) Owner Name (We would like a little accountability, so we know how to resolve any issues) Phone Number (If that is a way to get ahold of you) Email (If that is a way to get ahold of you) Address (so we can figure out where you are and what areas you serve) Website (if you have a place where you show off your work) Social Media Info (facebook page, screen name on this or other forums, other outlets) Specialty (what is the major focus of your business) Services Offered (anything else you do, painting, gunsmithing, ceracoat Etc.) Then we may need to give an order to who may most likely still be in business in a year... So lets get some real info about you. In Business Since Type of Tank Activators used Paints used Films purchased from Custom films purchased from Anything else that you feel sets you apart... I am going to enter this info into a spreadsheet for the time being, and had out the information as necessary. Then hopefully figure out how to get it on here and have people be able to add to it, and not use it for nefarious purposes. Don't forget to update your "profile" as you see fit. Basically this is your resume... lets see how this goes. You can simply copy this post and add your info
    We're still kicking! Just stopped in to say hello after ordering a couple new guns from @K2Concepts
  • mielkewaygraphicsmielkewaygraphics Posts: 173Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭
    edited January 14

    Company Name: Mielke Way Coatings
    Owner Name : Jay & Andrea Mielke
    Phone Number 317-441-3566
    Email: jay.mielkewaygraphics@gmail.com
    Address: 201 Andover , Anderson IN 46013
    Website www.mielkewaycoatings.com
    Social Media Info https://www.facebook.com/mielkewaycoatings/?ref=bookmarks
    Specialty Light to Medium production runs, custom 1 off projects
    Services Offered: Powder Coatings, Ceramic Coatings, Hydro Graphics Supplies (Paint)

    In Business Since: 2013
    Type of Tank: 8' Liquid Print
    Activators used : Hydro Gator, Super Brew, Hydro Solutions
    Paints used: OHW, Hydro Solutions
    Films purchased from: Big Brain, LIquid Print, Kansas Hydro, Liquid Concepts
    Custom films purchased from
    Fractal Camo
  • NickelCityHydroNickelCityHydro Posts: 647Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭
    Company name: Nickel City Hydrographics
    Owner name: Mike Barrette
    Phone number: (705) 692-3773 (705) 521-3273
    Email: mikebarrette@personainternet.com
    Address: P.O.Box 291, Naughton Ontario Canada P0M2M0
    Social media: http://www.facebook.com/nickelcityhydrographics/
    Specialty services: motorcycles, automotive, snowmobiles, marine, bikes, RC toys etc.
    In business since 2013
    Type of tank: custom 7 foot
    Activator used: Hydrovator, K2 Brew, Super Brew
    Paint used: Aqualac, OHW, PPG, automotive
    Films from: Emerald Coatings, Kansas hydrographics

    Located near Sudbury Ontario, @ 250 miles north of Toronto Ontario Canada
  • scotty714scotty714 Posts: 1Member
    Company Name: Tipp City Golf Carts
    Owner Name: Phil Fogliani
    Phone Number: 937-667-3190
    Email: sales@tippcitygolfcarts.com
    Address: 2326 W. State Route 571, Tipp City , OH 45371
    Website: www.tippcitygolfcarts.com
    Specialty: golf cart bodies & accessories, OEM/manufactured parts, firearms, vehicle interior/exterior, musical instruments, bike/atv parts
    Services Offered: Painting

    Then we may need to give an order to who may most likely still be in business in a year...
    So lets get some real info about you.
    In Business Since: 1999
    Type of Tank: 4'x8' Northstar Hydrographics
    Activators used: Primarily Hydrovator
    Paints used: Hydrographics DTP
    Films purchased from: Northstar, Liquid Print, TWN, Ozarks
    Custom films purchased from: Northstar
  • MHGMHG Posts: 44Member ✭✭
    Company Name (Murray's Hydrographics and Firearms)
    Owner Name (Jammy Murray)
    Email (murrayshf@hotmail.com)
    Address (8808 Lupine Dr. Amarillo, TX 79119)
    Social Media Info (Facebook: www.facebook.com/murrayshydrographics29/
    Twitter: @MurraysHF)
    Specialty (Firearms and car parts)
    Services Offered (Hydrographics, Firearms coating, Firearms sales and transfers, Vinyl stickers, T-Shirts, and Powder Coating)

    In Business Since 2014
    Type of Tank 8FTx4FT Hydrographics tank
    Activators used Hydro-Vator
    Paints used Low Country, OHW, Duracoat and GunKote
    Films purchased from TWN, Kansas Hydrographics, and many more
  • GCIGCI Posts: 1,320Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭✭
    Company Name: Gumflats Custom Imaging
    Owner Name: Monty Terry
    Phone Number: 903-490-0308
    Email: gumflatscustomimaging@yahoo.com
    Address: 390 Keller st. Ashdown Arkansas 71822
    Website: N/A
    Social Media Info: Gumflats Custom Imaging (facebook)
    Specialty: Sporting goods store
    Services Offered: Hydrographic, Gunsmithing, Cerakote

    Then we may need to give an order to who may most likely still be in business in a year...
    So lets get some real info about you.
    In Business Since: 2013
    Type of Tank: 6' X 4' X 4'
    Activators used: K2 brew, gatorvator, hydrator
    Paints used: OHW
    Films purchased from: Kansas, TWN

  • t_ozt_oz Posts: 100Member ✭✭
    Company Name: KC HydroWorks
    Owner Name: Tom Osborne
    Phone Number: (816) 214-7736
    Email: kchydroworks@hotmail.com
    Address: 1924 Linn St, North Kansas City, MO 64116
    Website: Not at this time
    Social Media Info: Facebook (kchydroworks)
    Specialty: Guns mostly, but can do most anything.
    Services Offered: Hydro Dipping, Custom AR platforms in various calibers, gunsmith, Custom knifes, and Gun Kote

    Then we may need to give an order to who may most likely still be in business in a year...
    So lets get some real info about you.
    In Business Since: 2016
    Type of Tank: PA
    Activators used: K2 Super Brew, Hydrovador, Ink Drink
    Paints used: OHW, DTP, Hydrosolutions
    Films purchased from: Infected Hydro, Big Brain, Kansas Hydrographics
    Custom films purchased from: Big Brain
  • WileECoyoteWileECoyote Posts: 6,022Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    Wow... 1.2K views. Hope that the people that are viewing this, are contacting you guys.
  • loochlooch Posts: 1,634Member ✭✭✭✭✭
    Yes ive had a few calls from it @WileECoyote
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 12,946Administrator El Jefe
    Yepp...me too...
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