Leaking Tank Fix

Hey I have a 8x4x4 stainless steel tank. It was tig welded. There are 3 spots that are pin hole sized that's leaking on the bottom seam. Tried using silicone lining the entire inside seams then let it cure for 2 days and filled it up with the same leaks. Really don't want to tear everything down to take it to a guy that can re weld it. Any suggestions on a "Fix" to stop the leak besides the silicone? Thanks!


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    McMaster Carr.com has this, I used it to seal up 5500 gallon tanks. Works great, but you may need to rough the surface. Its 2 part putty that you mix by hand, like the stuff you find at walmart. One stick should be more than all you need.

    Surface Filler Stick, Water-Resistant, Loctite® 82093, 4 oz. Stick
    $14.30 Each
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    Or you can get it from napa
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    Jb weld
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    Jb weld water weld.. Used it in an old pump sprayer that had a pin hole. It holds under pressure and does not leak.
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    There is a product called splash zone it will work in the water and it is best to mix part A & B in a bucket of water. I work on ships and this is what we use for emergency repairs all the time.
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