Aquagraphix are off on Vacation. Look out Florida!!!

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Hi Guys, I know a lot of our customers use this platform and dont use facebook so im just getting word out that as of tomorrow we are off on our holidays. The office will still be open with cover to process orders as normal but dont rely on emails getting answered immediately. If you need something urgently then either order online or call the office so someone can take your order.
Anyway thats me just about done for the day so ill be in holiday mode in about 2 hours time. Orlando first (Disney of course, we have a 5 year old) then Clearwater, then Key Largo before a few days back in Orlando before we come home. Any tips on traveling in these areas much appriciate. Places to visit that we may not know of etc. And if anyone knows of 1 day Disney passes that are cheaper than £100 each, do tell LOL
Eve xx


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    Have fun storming the castle!...

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    We usd to live in Miami and spent a lot of time in those areas. It's very straight and flat, and be sure to wear a ton of sunscreen!
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    For our 10 year anniversary, My wife and I are actually flying into Miami and renting a convertible to drive down to Key West for a week. It will be the end of July, so sunscreen will be a must! I can't wait!
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    Sunscreen and go on an airboat ride to see the alligators of you can go to silver springs and ride the glass bottom boats its a small park but its really cool there are monkeys still there from when the filmed the old tarzan movies.and whie your in clear water drive a little north to hommassa or stienhatchee and check out the manatees.
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    Make sure you hit Tower of Terror and Aerosmith's Rockin' rollercoaster
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    Universal studios is in Orlando !!! My brother and his wife recently went and had a blast !
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    We are home and it was awesome. Very hot and very action packed but we saw a lot and had a great time. Very tired now im back at work though.
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