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hey guys just bought a home outside city limits on a bit of property with a 30X24 detached shop with concrete walls and steel beams. I'm wanting to buy a small motorcycle crossflow spray booth. Recommendations on manufacturer? Also as far as being compliant shall I notify the county and get my permits. I know every county and area is different. I'm sure they will want dry Chem fire suppression which im prepared to pay for I understand it's upwards of around 12,000$ installed. All of you guys with a spray booth, do you all have permits and fire suppression? Is there a chance the county could tell me I'm not allowed to have a spray booth in my shop just for the fact my home isn't zoned "commercial"? I do have neighbors but they are both a good few acres away. Spraying small parts shouldn't bother them at all especially if I'm using a booth. I know it doesn't filter the smell as much but more of the over spray. Any help and knowledge is appreciated. Thanks! 
Edit: disregard manufacture suggestion just saw a forum post discussing it. More interested in dealing with county and permits. 


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    That's a can of worms man...we are STILL going through permitting and they have had my money since 9-15-2017...And yes I did everything by the book...separate sprinkler loops for BOTH booths...3 drops per booth...all photo copied submittals and plans drawn in AutoCAD...proper zoning...all wires in explosion proof conduit...lights moved outside the 3' from the front zone...

    I mean I know it will be worth it but DAMN..."Who do I gotta blow to get this thing signed off?" is what you are going to be asking yourself before it's done...

    I did it because it's the right thing to do...although I question myself every day that passes? After 8 going on 9 months? I can only chuckle and say "Yea, that's my luck...but there won't be anyone who can shut us down for not being compliant"...And that's the last thing you need when you go into business...fear of someone shutting you down after you work your butt off to get it going...
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    I would approach them about your idea, and "see what is required before I start planning this out". If it starts sounding like a disaster? Then I would put the booth in, and spray nothing but water based, and ask for forgiveness once they finally catch on. If they sound like they can help you out? then do it by the books.
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    My situation was like Jim's where I had to go by the books. Had production parts lined up and couldn't afford to be shut down once we were in full swing. In Ohio, the Ohio EPA requires a Permit to Install and Operate. The calculations on that form were hideous, and luckily they have a dedicated branch of the EPA to help people like me fill out the forms correctly. I had to estimate the volumes of every coating to be used and they do calculations and tell me I'm allowed 20.6 tons of VOCs per year. I shoot 1-1.5 gallons of Matte clear a day, and use about 2.5-3 gallons of activator a week. Last year we dipped over 21,000 guns for one account plus other jobs and small production runs. We emitted only 1.584 tons. I have to report this to the EPA annually and they send me a bill of about $150 for filing. It's not horrible, but it's asinine for what I do.

    As far as fire? Had to get proper fire suppression (about $6500 if I remember correctly). Have to keep up on maintenance. Company comes in once every 6 months to test everything and changes the little alchol filled glass bulb links annually. I have to document all manufacturer recommended maintenance which includes daily and monthly checks as listed in the manuals. The fire Marshall had to come watch the booth testing for the alarm (just a bell, not connected to fire department) and do a pop test w has to make sure the suppression system would work.

    Electrical had to also be inspected, but all businesses and dwellings have to.
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