Ductwork for Paint Booth ?

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I will be needing ductwork for a 13x13 cross flow paint booth soon.It has a 3 phase 24' fan and 7983 cfm. If I have a transition made coming off the fan from 24' to a 10 or 12 inch duct would that choke down the exhaust making the booth not exhaust the fumes like it should? Any advise would be appreciated.


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    A 24" fan putting out 7983 CFM is roughly .3" water column static pressure...so if you choke it down to 10" wide? The duct will have to be 55" long...if you could get 12" wide? It would have to be 45" long...

    Not sure I would recommend that but it could be done...better cross brake the ducting or it's going to flex and bang like a screen door in the breeze (like @WileECoyote 's mom)...and use 24 gauge galvanized sheet metal minimum...nothing less...
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    Same advice I give Jim every time he stumbles his way over to "visit" mom...

    "Bad idea, don't do it man..."

    Don't choke it down that far, you will have good flow from that fan (I am assuming the height is around 8', the length of the booth doesn't matter) so figure out a way to keep that full 24" opening. It might be as simple as mounting the hub directly to the filter box and cutting a little sheet metal. I have seen ductwork flex and collapse. I have seen it pull away from the supports and "short circuit" the air from the shop, and just waste energy... Just do it right the first time.
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    Thanks for the advice guys.I guess I'll just stick to the 24' all the way.I thought I might be able to save a little money on ductwork if it wasn't going to effect the performance of the booth.
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