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Today I had a coworker that bought a cup from me A year ago came up to me and said hey the paint chipped off my cup are you going to warranty it. I asked him what happened to it he said it fell off the bumper of my truck backing out of the driveway and hit it with the tire and it shot out in the street. My reply was when you wreck you truck do you take it back to the dealer for warranty. so now he's bashing me.


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    It's pretty tough to make everyone happy. Your going to run into people like that. If you have to deal with him everyday, and you like the guy, you might offer to redo it for half price of just a discount. But he needs to be accountable for his actions.

    I work at and auto shop during the week. We have had people that we couldn't fix their car as it needed to go back to the dealer for dealer work. Even after working on it for hours, and not charging them a dime, they complain. Go figure...
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    This is what you can expect for the rest of your career when you deal with small time customers. Everybody wants something for free.
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    You told him exactly what I would have told him. If he had a glass tumbler and it broke, he wouldn't have even thought about a warranty. He would have cursed himself for being clumsy and went about his day. For some reason because it's paint, it's supposed to be indestructible? If he still had a problem with it, I'd tell him where to put his chipped cup.
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    He's a coworker not a friend and the cup was distored so that the lid would'nt go on it so I told him I would do another cup 10% off then he said ok but this time I want something different and my name on it so I charged for what he wanted and gave the discount and it was $12 more than his first cup Hey he did'nt bat a eye
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    Sheesh! What the hell did he expect!? This is why I provide care and use instructions for Cerakote and Hydro work. And I provide them when they drop the item off, as well as when they pick it up. No coating is invincible.
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    Everybody at work was like did he really just ask for me to fix his cup for free. but that's not the funniest he bought a camo RTIC from a store asked me to high gloss clearcoat it I told him $60 no warranty because I did'nt trust the china coating process he said no thanks and I walked away 4 days old and it has started wearing off I just laugh when i see him
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    I would have told him to go to my friend..."Dr. Poundsand"...
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