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So I got into this hydro thing late last fall. That's when I "discovered " the process.

Seeing the process online got me excited about adding it to our line of products. I researched, learned and experimented with diy kits as proof of concept. Once I proved to myself this was a credible process for our products, I moved forward with getting set up for real. At this point, I found this forum! What a relief and big help all of you have been.

So I began piecing together a paint shop and hydro setup. I finally got to the point where I was getting consistent enough results to offer them for sale. My target date back in the fall was the end of March. I did get the shop work done by then and parts off to the photographer.
Finally, today, the website has been updated with the first product with hydrographics!

We call it "DocOuflage" because along the way, we picked up Doc Severinsen as an endorser. The home page of the website shows his crazy fashion sense. I choose that film pattern specifically to match his jacket. :) He is very excited.
We have two big events coming up this next month, so I will see if all of this was worth the effort and investment.
Thanks to everyone for all the info and coaching through this startup process.


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