Filtration system

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I have a deep freezer fr a dipping tak a pretty bing one actually... and it wrks awesome but i have been goin nuts skimming the darn thing all the time cause of no filtration system .. would love some ideas for some.... and how to make it if video can b posted with explenation walk through even better... thnks my fellow dipper... and by the way can yus make it budget friendly please lol


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    Honestly I would keep skimming. Just my opinion. The trash in your tank won't affect the dip. Just get most of it and call it good.
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    Moved to the correct guys PLEASE look where you are starting your threads before you start one...and the "Contest" section is NOT the place to start threads... :anguished:
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    Here is your budget set up. Some sort of flow over (or weir box) with a pump either in it, or drawing out of it, and pipes to recirculate. Anything beyond that, I would have to see your setup. 
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    I'll do a video of mine tomorrow @edwardfeliciano and post it for you to see
  • IceMasterIceMaster Posts: 1,333Member ✭✭✭✭
    @edwardfeliciano, here's a couple pics that show my filtration system on my "freezer" tank......

    In the pic where I removed the blue filter, you can see the heating element down below. On the other end of that opening is my pump system. My freezer had that little shelf area at one end so that's where I built the divider for the filtration. The other pic shows how I placed a shelf in there that holds the material I use to filter the water. Might not look like much but this thing works sweet!

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