What ROI Should You Expect From Instagram?

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5 digital marketing experts share their advice on getting the most bang for your buck on the popular social media platform.

Small business owners have a love-hate relationship with social media marketing. On one hand, 51% of business owners rely on social media as their top marketing tactic, according to a Manta poll. On the other hand, only 52% think they get a positive return on investment from social advertising.

The other half needs to stop wasting their precious digital marketing budget on ads that don’t work, step up their social media game, or adjust their expectations.

So, what kind of return should you expect from an investment in Instagram for Business? We asked five digital marketing experts to share their advice on getting the best results from ads and promoted posts on the photo-sharing platform.

Promoted Posts Start with Great Content

“When you pay for ads or boosted posts, you are paying the platform to help your posts or ads reach a much larger audience than you would reach by posting it yourself to the followers you already have. If the content is compelling, then it has the potential to drive a greater number of followers to your profile and can really help bolster the engagement you are getting. But if your content isn’t engaging or compelling, it doesn’t matter how much you pay—the results may not happen the way you expect or they may not happen at all.”

Dina Magdovitz, PR & Social Media Account Director, Plan A PR

Pick the Most Valuable Call to Action

“Your ads on Instagram must clearly direct people to take the action you have decided is most important for your business. Do you want more sales? Then the ads should be driving people directly to product pages where they can buy. Do you want more emails in your database? Then the ads should drive people to pages on your site where they can sign up for more information. Knowing your top calls to action, what conversions are most valuable to your business, and making every step as user-friendly as possible, is the key to having a return on investment.”

Sarah Benoit, Director of Training, JB Media Group

Make It Easy for Customers to Convert

“Prior to hitting ‘go’ on promoted posts, small business owners need to have a clear path to conversion, understand that path, and understand what they would consider a success. If they run an Instagram ad and expect to see direct in-store conversions, it’s going to be hard to prove success. However, if they run an Instagram ad that takes potential customers to a coupon landing page and then they track how many of those coupons are used in-store, they will be able to track the success (or failure) of their advertising.”

Hannah Grubow, Marketing Lead & Account Manager, Community Elf

Build a Strong Foundation by Engaging Followers

“Small businesses on Instagram need to commit to the channel. That means posting regularly (multiple times per day is ideal), posting high-quality content (both visuals and text), and posting value. Whether you are just trying to build your likes and followers or you are running a giveaway, it all comes down to value. The more that you can connect with users, the more successful you will be on Instagram.”

Jonathan Gilde, Director of Operations, BrightHaus

Impressions Usually Don’t Lead to Sales

“Having realistic expectations when promoting posts in a necessity because the truth is, click-throughs on promoted posts are traditionally low. While the number of impressions (how many people see your ad) may sound like a lot, those numbers may not translate to sales or even likes, shares and followers. The question I always ask my clients is this: If you’re going to spend $100 to $600 on a promoted post, is that the best medium to encourage the most sales or activity for your business? When you’re a small business, you want the most bang for your buck.”

David Everett Strickler, Marketing & Branding Consultant
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