Need some opinions on business name.

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Hey guys. I hope y'all are well. I'm getting closer to opening shop and wanted to get some honest opinions. My business is gunsmithing and finishing. I'd originally named it Nawty Otter Finishing and figured I'd have an artist draw me up a little otter with a spray gun or what not. But I'm concerned that the name won't have people take me as seriously, mainly gun customers. Anyways so let's poll this biatch. 

Feel free to add an option. My only concern about having Just Hydrographics in the name is missing out what else I do besides hydro. Idk I'm probably over thinking it. Any help is gold!

Semper Fi

Need some opinions on business name. 8 votes

Nawty Otter Finishing & Gunworks
3monkeyshydrodipNotSoFastbacon 3 votes
Humble Finishing & Gunworks
Nawty Otter Hydrographics
K2ConceptsPTC_HydroGraphXnorcalfrankJenx 4 votes
Humble Hydrographics and Gunworks


  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,340Administrator El Jefe
    Nawty Otter Hydrographics
    #1 or #3...I like Nawty Otter and would pimp it myself...
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    Thanks Jim. Same, for some reason it just rolls off just right. 
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    yea, I'd have the business name as "Nawty Otter".

    People don't use yellow pages anymore, they use web searches. Your "web page" would be "", but the title would have "blah blah blah" in there.. and would show up in the web search.
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    I like "specialty coatings" if you're going to be doing other things. Bluing, Gunkote or Cerakote
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    Or just say "Custom coatings and Gunworks" Leaves alot of possibilities open for future, and taps into guys looking for something unique.
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    Thanks guys, Gives me a few things to think about.
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    Humble Hydrographics and Gunworks
    i wanted to hit 3 but hit 4 lol love the nawty otter lol
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