Hard Hats question

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@K2Concepts i was watching the hard hat video and scrolling through the comments, the gathering at the back of the helmet you replied to somebody theres not really much to do about it. I was just curious as to weather or not thats a re dip or out the door to the consumer? Sort of a pick your battles kinda thing im noticing but helmets, hard hats and handlebars are driving me bonkers right now but i love it!!!! thanks guys!


  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 13,444Administrator El Jefe
    Like I said...there's nothing you can do about it...so if there's nothing you can do? It is what it is...I never re-dip and helmet...this is not "peel and stick" so you will have to learn to let go of your OCD...or not do anything that stretches or gathers...which would be everything we do...
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    @Dcerasoli123 The crown of the helmet is wider than the front or rear. When the film gets to the top, it's pushed apart by the width of the helmet, then all of this extra film is concentrated when it gets back down to the narrower back of the helmet. Nothing trumps physics.
  • Dcerasoli123Dcerasoli123 Posts: 46Member
    Sold!!! im getting pretty good hits right amount of activator water temp seems good if i could get a gather of film in the back id be happy my most recent and seems to be frequent problem is im losin the film all together in the back like my dwell time is a little too long.
  • Dcerasoli123Dcerasoli123 Posts: 46Member
    @K2Concepts @NotSoFast Ya OCD is what it is for sure lol!!!!! Hey you cant blame a guy for wanting to parallel his mentors! Thanks guys about to do a hit... to be continued...
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