Scavage side demensions

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Need some advice, how big or how wide does the scavenge side need to be? Like from the end of the tank to the dam? Inside measurements of course!!! Does it depend on whether I'm using a submersible pump or exterior pump? I assume it does!!!!


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    It doesn't have to be big. Enough water to keep your preferred heating element doing what it's supposed to be doing and the pump from sucking air, I suppose.

    I have a 10' long tank that is 4' wide. The scavenge area is full width and about 10 or so inches from the dam to the end of the tank.
  • JustdipitJustdipit Posts: 31Member
    @NotSoFast I sure appreciate it. That's what I will do then. Not sure yet if I want to go with a submersable pump or an exterior pump. Any advice on that? Or is it a preference thing?
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    I've never used a submersible pump, so I have no useful information on that.

    My tank is just like the one in this video. No problems with it after two years.

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    Thanks bro. I appreciate it. I like this much better. A much cleaner look as well. Thanks for the info.
  • JustdipitJustdipit Posts: 31Member
    That's a very nice tank. Great job Brian @liquidconcepts.
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