What Information Should Be On My Website?

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This checklist for small business owners includes the seven things you need to include on your company website.

The first question that comes to mind when you set out to build or redesign your small business website is a hard one: What should be on your website?

You should include as much information as is necessary to accomplish your goals for the website, and those goals will depend on your business. Your content will be more complex if you run an ecommerce website, or if you rely solely on digital marketing for your leads and sales. But if your goal to get a simple website up and running, there are only a few elements that are absolutely essential on your new site.

Your small business’ web pages should include:
  • Your business name, slogan and logo featured prominently at the top of the page.
  • Your phone number with a click-to-call option for smartphone users.
  • A description of your business, your products and/or services in the middle of the home page, plus photos.
  • Links to your company Facebook page and other social media profiles.
  • The address of your main location (and all other locations) at the bottom of each page.
  • A navigation menu at the top and the bottom of each page that links to the other pages on your website.
  • Most business websites have at least three pages: the home page, an “about” page with your company’s story and history, and a “contact” page that includes your hours, a map to your location(s), your address, email and phone number.


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