RBC's Dip Tank

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Well my tank may not be the best out there but it works for me. Here is a picture of my first tank I build for trying out hydro dipping and then some pictures of what I currently use. I'm sure I will get some grief but this is what I can afford with 3 kids. Any ways I will post some dip pictures later.
Pic 1 is my first dip tank.
Pic 2 is the new tank before setup
Pic 3 pump hooked up
Pic 4 leak test for heating elements
Pic 5 On/off switch for pump
Pic 6 activator gun and holder
Pic 7 Spray bar test and setting jet level. The pump moves more water then shown. I had it turned down so it didn't spray all over the place.


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    Just a matter of time now...

  • r1dd1ck913r1dd1ck913 Posts: 44Member
    Here is a few practice parts I did last year.

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    If it works, we really can't say much... can we?

    Well... ok, just 2 things jump out at me. If you tip the spray bar down so the nozzles are just under the water, you are going to eliminate foam, and the inevitable jet shooting across the room when something clogs up a few nozzles. The electrical... If you were going to all the trouble of wiring it, why not make it waterproof? That is just household boxes, they offer no protection from the circuit and you are just playing with fire there my friend. I am guessing you didn't take the time to make sure your wirenuts are all turned vertical so that they drain if they get wet... one of those pressed up against the stainless is gonna send you to the hospital at best...
  • r1dd1ck913r1dd1ck913 Posts: 44Member
    The water jets are below the water level. That picture was from set up. That is way its held on with vise grips in that picture. I do agree with the electrical box. They suck and do need to be changed. They came on the tank when I got it. The water proof switch for the pump was one I added. I plan on changing the other ones out soon. As for wire nuts I did not use any. Every wire that goes on a screw terminal has a end crimped on it and used heat shrink.
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    Ok, makes me feel a bit better, but please don't wait too long to fix that... its just an accident waiting to happen.
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