What is so special about rinse tank?

I have been browsing the forum quite a bit and have been seeing TONS about rinse stations. I am still in the learning phase, can someone explain to me what is so special with these rinse tanks? At first glance I always thought it was as easy as running it under some water, if it's a small part can I just run it under the fresh water or is there more to it then that? 

Thank you!


  • NotSoFastNotSoFast Posts: 3,254Member, Moderator El Moderator
    You can. I rinse all of my parts with a hose out the back door of the shop. But when you are doing MANY parts, you need something to rinse them for you or you will spend half the day rinsing and not dipping. Just keep the rinse water cooler than the dip water.
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    @RustedOutGarage yeah basically for when you are gonna rinse mutiple parts at once or so parts can be rinsing while you are dipping more parts. If you are dipping a few parts a day wouldn't think you would need it until you need to make more time somewhere cause you can't keep up
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    Yea..I debated really hard about not getting a rinse tank. I got one, but it''s smaller than my 8ft dip tank. If I ever dip anything really big,  I'll just hose it down by hand...
  • RustedOutGarageRustedOutGarage Posts: 10Member
    Gotcha, makes sense. Thanks guys! 
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    @RustedOutGarage - Just a side note. Keep a look out at auctions in your area. I just picked up a "salad bar" that is basically a water tight stainless steel tub on a stand with a drain already in it. I have limited work space so it worked out perfect for me. Also depending on how big you need, restaurant grade sinks can be deep and wide enough for most jobs, find one you can cut out the dividers. I have lost my marbles trying to rinse out of a plastic utility sink only to hit in on the side and smudge the paint. I work out of a gun shop so most of my work isn't that big. Just a thought.
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    Also, a proper rinse station will filter and recycle the water - this is key when it comes to saving money and the environment!!!
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