Adhesion to vinyl or Naugahyde

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Has anyone ever tried to bond a base coat to vinyl or Naugahyde, if so please leave your comments, I have thrown this question to Jim @K2Concepts and Trevor @WileECoyote but seemed to stumped my good ole mentors, not saying that they can even be done or not Jim just hadn't ever run into anything like these. they are small panels for a harley fairing, and have a covering of black vinyl, or possibly Naugahyde and we're having adhesion problems, where as once base coated, dipped, the dip and base coat just pulls right off. The customer wants them dipped in Carbon Fiber
But not sure if anything would bond to it first before the dip. I've tried OHW, Aqua Lac, with no good results, just wondering if there is a bonding agent that could be used as a primer first. Comments welcome.


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    Did you scuff them?
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    SEM make a vinyl paint I used some about eight years ago on interior parts on a blazer it held up really good I don't know if it could be dipped to or if it could be coated over and then dipped. IF I remember right at the time I could only get it in spray can and it was pricey
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    Actually JJ showed us a base that sticks to vinyl and stretches with it, and you can dip to it.
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    Yep. I was going to recommend JJ's OHW "Second Skin" formula. It's very flexible.
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    @Libertyman a friend has used this in his car. I have never used personally though
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    @Libertyman don't know how it would hold up to film either. He just painted
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    Thanks everyone, I'll have a little talk with the customer, if he's willing to foot the bill, iam willing to try anything, at least once... I'll keep you posted.. might come into play for someone else in the future.
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    Hey libertyman, just wanted to throw this out there.  My dad owns an upholstery shop and curiosity hit us one night so we dipped a couple scraps of vinyl.  All I did was wipe down the vinyl with alcohol and dipped right to the surface and it worked great.  Hope this helps.
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    Scuff the vinyl and it should adhere
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