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Air compressor...

edwardfelicianoedwardfeliciano Posts: 38Member
i bought asmallstarter compressor that sems to be getting the job done but wannt to know what agood starter compressor for newbie till i grow some money to afford a big one 


  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 8,707Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator

    Something around 60 gallons is going to work. Two stage is better, but when you're shopping just look for one that delivers sufficient CFM and oversize it a bit. An Air Gunza uses about 8 cfm if I remember correctly, some guns slightly more or less.
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 12,479Administrator El Jefe
    What he said...and a 2 stage is MUCH better than that single stage in the get what you pay for in compressors...
  • aahydroNJaahydroNJ Posts: 53Member
    @MidOhioHydrographics & @K2Concepts yes you get what you pay for... most of us are not generating the revenue that you guys are. if i had the money i would certainly go for a 2 stage. most of us i feel are single man shops trying to make this fulltime.

    that being said @edwardfeliciano ... i started worth aerosol cans... realized it was expensive. used my 5gallon compressor from 2007... it blew up in a few days due to old age. my friend didnt want to sell his compressor when he sold his this was a decision i also had to make.

    i upgraded to a husky 20 gallon in a pinch - i was unemployed at the time and low on funds. $200 allows me to do most small parts or automotive interiors...drone remotes...drones.  I'm operating out of a basement so this works and is relatively quiet. 

    if you can afford the 60 then go for it, at the time i couldn't. if you are going to bead blast then you'll need a 60 without a doubt

    if you can afford a two stage then exactly what the above stated is correct. 

    buy what you can afford for now and remember you need to have a excellent filtration system that produces clean air.

    i have envelopes with a description on the i make money i put it into envelopes ie (new base gun $150, new activator gun $600, materials $200 etc)  compressor for me woth 20 gallons and doing about 10 peices a week is sufficient for me. 

    hope this helps!
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 12,479Administrator El Jefe
    I WISH I was generating revenue these days...sigh...
  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 8,707Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    I agree @aahydroNJ. And that's exactly why I didn't suggest my starter compressor ($3500 120 gallon 10hp 2-stage), let alone the $15k one I had to upgrade to when the "starter" wouldn't keep up. I'm honestly not even sure that 60 gallon Husky would keep up with blasting w its output of 11cfm. They usually recommend about 30cfm, which is what my 10hp 2-stage produced. We got away w it blasting at low power and having guys paint, but we also have a good air drying system to keep the air dry while that thing ran continuously trying to keep up.

    As I stated, a single stage will be perfectly fine for now, 2-stage is better. I can't imagine that 20 gallon is going to keep up if you have to activate a piece of film 1m x 1m or larger. Small parts you'll probably be ok. But I'm sticking by my 60 gallon recommendation as a minimum. I wouldn't like having to turn away good paying jobs. Seems like Someone has to say it every couple days on here... this is an expensive process and it doesn't care if you're a hobbyist or a professional.
  • aahydroNJaahydroNJ Posts: 53Member
    @K2Concepts youtube should be paying you by now!!!

    @MidOhioHydrographics its always good to have friends with bigger tanks that you can pass work off to until you start making to the next level
  • DeviousDipsDeviousDips Posts: 1,148Member ✭✭✭✭
    @edwardfeliciano get the lvlp from @onehitwonder they show on a clip they can run it from a pancake compressor
  • DeviousDipsDeviousDips Posts: 1,148Member ✭✭✭✭
    But if you get into blasting cabinets and running multiple things u will want something bigger.  Oi run a 20 gallon with one hit wonders gun right now and it does great for paint clear and activator
  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 8,707Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    I always forget about those LVLP guns. Would be a great choice!
  • smedlinsmedlin Posts: 1,190Member, Business Ninja ✭✭✭✭
    I'm in the process of starting/building up my "hobby-shop" right now.

    The hardest part was picking what size dip/rinse tank I wanted, and from whom to order it.

    The second hardest part? Picking a freaking compressor.

    I even asked this SAME question here a few months ago. And then I spent months researching it.

    And my conclusion was, the single biggest issue people seem to have is under/over activation. The next biggest issue seems to their "air system".

    It was either to small of a compressor, or a low quality filter/dryer.

    I read thread after thread, where people was posting pictures of bad results, asking what the problem was.. and time after time, the response was, "water/moister in the spray".

    Your budget is, well, your budget. You can only get what you can afford to get. But if you get something small, your gonna have to upgrade as your business grows.

    To ME, buying something that I KNOW I will have to upgrade later, is just wasting money.

    So, get as big as you can afford (within reason. 15k for a compressor @MidOhioHydrographics ???? That thing better make pancakes and server ya in bed)

  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 8,707Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    smedlin said:

    So, get as big as you can afford (within reason. 15k for a compressor @MidOhioHydrographics ???? That thing better make pancakes and server ya in bed)

    All part of being in business at a certain level, brother. I spent over $60k in upgrades the first year we were running heavy. You just don't know what you need to run thousands of parts a week until you're actually doing it. I thought that EMax 10hp 120 gallon 2stage would be plenty (about 30cfm). But it wasn't. My new one is an Atlas Copco 20hp Rotary Screw compressor that gives about 93cfm continuous, and that price also included another 200 gallon receiver tank. So I have 320 gallons of air, not including the system piping. My air system is a "buy once cry once" investment. It should last forever with regular maintenance and as I expand I won't need to upgrade.
  • K2ConceptsK2Concepts Posts: 12,479Administrator El Jefe
    Also, something to remember is that when your compressor runs more than 20 minutes at a time? It starts to create steam...and steam will get through ANY media or desiccant filter you by the time you buy a refrigerated set up to deal with it? You were better off getting a larger compressor in the first place...

    @aahydroNJ Youtube doesn't pay but $150 every 3 months these days...they changed their policy several years ago and now I only post videos there because of my subscriber base...if it wasn't for that? I would just stick them up in DropBox...
  • MidOhioHydrographicsMidOhioHydrographics Posts: 8,707Member, Moderator, Business Ninja El Moderator
    This is what I got, but it's a little Cheaper on this website compared to the local distributor. Plus with install/setup and the air receiver added it came to almost $15k. The thing doesn't even really look like a compressor. Lol
  • edwardfelicianoedwardfeliciano Posts: 38Member
    Thanks guys great input imma research some affordable yet efficient ones so when i get back from my training ill be ready to roll... once again thanks...
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