4 Ways to Get More Web Traffic From Google

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These SEO best practices will help your small business website rank better with the search engine giant.

Your customers are looking for you. Not in the phonebook, but on Google. Are you doing everything you can to increase your chances of being featured on the first page of search engine results? These tactics will help get you there.

Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Kit outlines tactics you can use to boost SEO for your small business. Here are four ways to please the almighty Google:

1. Use Tags
Each page of your website should have a unique title page written out using HTML title tags. Now each page will be identifiable both to viewers and search engines. Titles should be short and sweet, between 50 and 60 characters.

2. Simple URLs
It’s important to have URLs (or website addresses) that are straightforward and content-rich instead of a random assortment of numbers.
Correct: manta.com/resources
Incorrect: www.manta.com/?p=578544

3. Easy Navigation
Design your website based around a logically hierarchical system. This is often in the form of a sitemap with a root page at the top and categories/subcategories descending from there. This is optimal for both human visitors and search engine crawlers alike.

4. Content Is Still King
Original, search engine-optimized content on your site isn’t only a way to boost your search ranking—it’s also a means of engaging customers. Create content that demonstrates knowledge and authority in your industry.
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