Props to PA Hydrographics and ACE Hydrographics

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Congratulations to PA Hydrographics and ACE Hydrographics!

They were both mentioned it the REDNECK ARTFORM, HYDROGRAPHICS article on


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    "As far as start-up costs go, a hydrodipping operation is a safer, more inexpensive proposition than many other small businesses: would-be owners can expect to spend around $10,000 to $15,000 on a water tank, film, paint, activating solution, spray guns, and an air compressor."

    Yea tell that to the hundreds of guys that have failed at this trying to make it a viable business... :frowning:
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    I dont see how they got to 10 or 15K - hell a big tank is 10K. With a compressor, guns, booth, rinse station, film, paint, clear, and ALL the other ancillary things, I dont see how people do it for 10K. I have a small setup to do some small items for my main business and its the opposite of inexpensive, at least for me.
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    Props to the guys mentioned, but I would hardly say that this business appeals only to rednecks. The amount of automotive and motorcycle stuff out there would blow your mind... It seems written from a very narrow perspective.
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